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A bit of a delay!

Sorry about the comic delay! if you’ve been keeping up on the Pokémon GL web page you’ll know there’s a black 2 and white 2 tournament and of course I am in it. So I am probably not going to be uploading much this weekend except for 2 comics. If any of you guys are entering I await battling you in Pokémon black 2 and white 2 my name is Zane and there are no sneak peaks on my team 😛 so see you online!
~ZaneK Admin


Ok i have spent alot of time trying to get some agreement over this website with my friends by that i mean im trying to get some friends to add stuff to this site but anyway on sundays i will probably be posting my creations and stuff but yeah stay tuned oh and if you want to write any ideas to how i can improve this place then email me immediately!!! my email is zanekerin@bigpond.com

~ZaneK Admin

hey guys you may be wondering what that up there is… well its the result of the instructions aka the prize for my new constest! here are the rules:
1. Make an original origami design with instructions
2. Email me the instructions your email and your first name my email is Zanekerin@bigpond.com
3. If you win (there is only 1 winner) you will be emailed the instructions
4. you will also be emailed something else cool…
entries close 5.4.13 Australian days
~ZaneK Admin

These are all my designs 😀 hope you like them


And Chewbacca:

due to my lack of time i will put instructions up for theese guys if you guys want me to (c-3po = 5 likes R2-D2 = 10 like and chewbacca = 15 likes)
~ZaneK Admin

Hey guys this is the first updates post which will be posted WEEKLY HALALUJAH so here are the updates:
1. every saturday there will be an update with new stuff
2. Weekly web comics now are now added every saturday there will be a new one but today is thursday and i’m posting one today
3. Added some additional stuff which can be easily found 🙂

~ZaneK Admin


hey guys. recently my computer’s screen broke down so i have not been able to post stuff very often (well actually nothing since January). this does not mean the end of this website!! i recently obtained a cord that can connect my computer screen to my TV HALLELUJAH!! so yeah thank you for reading 😀 -ZaneK Admin

Well here we go an Origami Yoda that took me weeks to figure out how to fold i do NOT have the instrux and i don’t remember how to make him so don’t ask me for instrux on it


like it? like this page to spread the word! and i have figured out how to put my photos up right 😀
~ZaneK Admin

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