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ZaneK’s Detailed Origami Yoda

Well here we go an Origami Yoda that took me weeks to figure out how to fold i do NOT have the instrux and i don’t remember how to make him so don’t ask me for instrux on it


like it? like this page to spread the word! and i have figured out how to put my photos up right 😀
~ZaneK Admin


R2-D2 Instructions!!



Click the images to enlarge them
Sorry if they are put on the page wrong!!! Im not that experienced at uploading these files!!
These instructions are really for newbies so please dont say things like: “Stupid” “Easy” “Stupidly Easy”
Send me some pics for the webpage by emailing your pics to zanekerin@bigpond.com ! ~ZaneK Admin

Welcome to my new website!

Here you’ll find all my uploaded origami instructions and other stuff that i have made plus some contests and other awesome stuff if you want to email me send your mail to zanekerin@bigpond.com and if you put a picture on it please make it a JPEG image attached to the email enjoy ~ZaneK Admin

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