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ZaneK’s origami C-3PO R2-D2 and Chewbacca

These are all my designs 😀 hope you like them


And Chewbacca:

due to my lack of time i will put instructions up for theese guys if you guys want me to (c-3po = 5 likes R2-D2 = 10 like and chewbacca = 15 likes)
~ZaneK Admin


Updates Updates blah blah blah etc

Hey guys this is the first updates post which will be posted WEEKLY HALALUJAH so here are the updates:
1. every saturday there will be an update with new stuff
2. Weekly web comics now are now added every saturday there will be a new one but today is thursday and i’m posting one today
3. Added some additional stuff which can be easily found 🙂

~ZaneK Admin


hey guys. recently my computer’s screen broke down so i have not been able to post stuff very often (well actually nothing since January). this does not mean the end of this website!! i recently obtained a cord that can connect my computer screen to my TV HALLELUJAH!! so yeah thank you for reading 😀 -ZaneK Admin

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