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Star Wars Origami Web comics

There will be new comics every week
Issue 1: image

Issue 2:

Issue 3:

Issue 4 and my entry to Tom Anglebergers latest contest


Comments on: "Star Wars Origami Web comics" (7)

  1. Pop Peter said:

    Great start to your comic. Looking forward to the next edition.
    Pop Peter

  2. ok due to popular demand i will eventually convert this into a 3 day series 😀 when i get enough free time

  3. Hi Zane!
    It’s macenzie here to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! On your own website! 😀
    I LOVE your comics and the oragami looks AMAZING!!!!!!

    It’s so awesome that u got the website

    From your sis


  4. were are your comics you were supposed to do on saturday.

  5. you still havn`t uploaded yet and it`s been months. This is what you should. Make all the comics before you post them. then upload them to this site. and Finally get it published on a website. My websit http://www.crazydcomix.com is a good site for publishing stuff on. Just go to the contact us page and email me your comics and I might publish them.

  6. BTW it`s been a year XD LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLZ!!!

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